CableKeeps keep charger and cable together

I’ve always been a fan of the design of Apple’s (s AAPL) MagSafe power bricks, since they come with integrated flip-up tabs that let you coil the attached power cable for easier packing and storage. Chargers for iOS devices afford no such luxury. Luckily, Jim Young, one of the creators of the PadPivot iPad stand, has a new Kickstarter project called CableKeeps that brings one of the smartest parts of the MagSafe adapter design to iPhone, iPad and iPod chargers.

CableKeeps consists of three rubber sleeve-type add-ons that are designed to fit snugly over your iPhone or iPad USB power adapters. They each have “tails”(they borrow the looks of fish) that also act as a spool for your USB-t0-dock connector iOS device charging cable. The iPhone version (“Goldie”, pictured above) also acts as a stand, so you can rest your device on the tail while the charger is plugged in and connected.

Young told me via email that while so far just the iPhone, iPad and iPod adapter with international plug are supported, if the project is successful he hopes to expand the line to cover other devices, like Amazon’s Kindle (s amzn), and other plugs, like the EU version of the iPhone adapter, as well as add more color choices to the lineup.

CableKeeps are doing pretty well so far on Kickstarter, having reached 20 percent their funding goal in less than 30 hours. Kickstarter funds projects through small pledges from the user community. Anyone can sign up and invest in the project, and starting with a pledge of $18, backers are eligible to receive pre-orders of the actual project as a reward.

These are a clever, good-looking way to the problem I often have of never seeming to have an adapter and a cable in the same place when I need them.