Netflix tests new web UI for kids. First look

Netflix (s NFLX) has started to test a separate section for children’s content on its website with a UI that is optimized to be used by kids themselves. Select Netflix members have been getting a new tab labeled “Just For Kids” in the main menu of the Netflix website that takes them to the section, but the page has been inaccessible for others.

The first visible difference between the new kids section and you average genre page on is a horizontal scroll bar that displays various kids characters from Hello Kitty to Shaun the Sheep.

A click on one of those characters opens a new page that offers access to TV show episodes and movies starring that character. Each episode is previewed with a screenshot, and there is barely any text at all. Everything is optimized for instant playback of the episodes displayed.

We reported just two weeks ago that Netflix was looking to hire a Senior User Experience Designer for Kids & Family to make its site more kids-friendly. A job opening posted on the company’s website said at the time that potential candidates for that job should be able to “envision kids’ interfaces that are friendlier, simpler (and) more fun” as well as be “passionate about creating fun, easy-to-understand interfaces that communicate with kids on their level.”

It’s unclear whether the current kids page design will be rolled out to all Netflix members or whether it’s still part of a limited test. Netflix is famous for its A/B testing, a process that the company uses for almost every design decision. That means it’s entirely possible that there are other versions of kids pages being tested at this very moment.

We’ve asked Netflix about the scope of this feature and will update this article as soon as we get an answer.