Today in Cloud

With Amazon’s European outage now behind us, the company published its analysis of what happened. Rich Miller dissects the technical aspects of the report for Data Center Knowledge, but doesn’t touch on Amazon’s own acknowledgement that (just like last time) communication to customers “can improve.” Indeed. Caught in the same outage, Microsoft appears to have done a far better job of ducking criticism. Or do fewer people care? Spooked by the extent to which both this and the April outage spilled over to affect more than one of the (supposedly isolated) Availability Zones inside an Amazon data center, Todd Hoff comes to the conclusion that we might be better not bothering with the Availability Zone concept in its current form at all. Instead, it might make more sense to see each data center as a single logical unit that is either available or not. The Availability Zone model certainly broke down last week, and in Virginia in April. But surely it still has some merit?