Mobile Lowdown 8-16-11: Tablet Discounts; Googorola Fallout; FusionGarage

A look at some of the big stories in mobile today:

» Cheap tablet explosion: Prepare for a rush of reduced-price tablets come September, as device makers struggle to shift inventory amid sluggish demand. (via DigiTimes)

» RIM (NSDQ: RIMM), Nokia (NYSE: NOK), HP: Lots of questions being raised about the three handset makers RIM, Nokia and HP (NYSE: HPQ) in the wake of the Google/Motorola (NYSE: MMI) news. Some talk is of sales, and some is about licensing out these platforms. (two examples: Bloomberg, Tomi Ahonen, SAI)

» Google+Motorola=Phone company? No. Google (NSDQ: GOOG) says it is not turning into a mobile phone company. (But is that a hint of what might get spun off, and what might get kept post acquisition?) (via NYTimes)

» Breaking up is hard to do: What’s the cost if the deal doesn’t go through? $2.5 billion. (via Foss Patents)

» Samsung: The Korean maker has hired a new software engineer, Steve Kondik, who created a popular aftermarket firmware for Android devices, called CyanogenMod. A sign of how Samsung plans to differentiate itself in the future?

» Fusion Garage: A new tablet (the Grid 10), new smartphone (Grid 4) and new OS from the makers of last year’s failed JooJoo tablet. (via Fusion Garage)

» Reader: Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) is shutting down its Reader app. (via Electronista)

» Digital Chocolate: The social and mobile games publisher has made a new acquisition: Sandlot Games, makers of Cake Mania and Super Granny, for an undisclosed sum. (press release)

» Developers: iOS is still the most popular platform among developers, but WP7 and Android are catching up fast, according to a recent poll. (via GetJar)