Today in Cleantech

Rich Miller over at Data Center Knowledge took a moment to reflect on the positive quarter that cloud provider Rackspace turned in a couple weeks back, noting how the company has become incredibly good at increasing the revenue it gets per square foot of data center space. Why do we care about this over at Green IT? Because Rackspace has accomplished this by moving from managed hosting toward cloud computing, which allows it to pack more customers onto each server. The cloud computing model is a lesson in optimizing a server and using it to its maximum efficiency, which happens to be what the public-private partnership in New York, which includes HP and AMD, is trying to do with the electricity source for a data center. The experimental project moves processing tasks to whichever data center has renewable energy capacity at that point in time. Much like cloud computing, it’s a distributed network model. It’s a bold concept and requires an advanced fiber network to quickly move data, but the idea of linking data center usage to wherever electricity generated from renewables is available, would make a major impact.