Tapjoy helps 10,000 apps go freemium

The money in mobile apps is increasingly tilting toward freemium apps and that is helping companies like Tapjoy, which said it now has 10,000 apps that are using its monetization and distribution platform. The milestone shows how developers are turning to providers like Tapjoy to help bring in revenue and offer their apps for free.

Tapjoy said almost one-third of their developers’ revenues comes from the Tapjoy platform, which includes ad units such as an offer wall, incented banner ads and cost per action ads. The momentum comes despite Apple’s (s aapl) move in April to reject ads and updates with incentivized cost-per-install ads from Tapjoy and others that appeared to be targeted because they altered the rankings of the App Store. Incentivized installs involve a user gaining virtual currency or goods in exchange for downloading another app.

Tapjoy is lining up more publishers and announced today that it is now serving OMGPOP, Moblyng, Craneballs Studios, Game Circus and Spry Fox, who are all integrating Tapjoy into their apps. But it’s not just publishers that like Tapjoy apparently. The company said it is attracting a lot of developers and brand advertisers because it delivers more than 1 million ad completions every day and has a reach of 30 million daily active users.

Apple’s clamp down on incentivized installs helped prompt Tapjoy to accelerate its Android (s goog) business, which is now growing much faster than its efforts on iOS. The company said since April 1, the number of Android apps in the Tapjoy network has grown 160 percent, while the number of iOS apps has only grown by 49 percent.

Tapjoy is showing that developers and publishers are anxious to find ways to monetize their apps and they’re going to whoever can get them there. And the company is demonstrating that its success wasn’t tied to just one ad unit, but that it’s still getting customers by offering a broader array of tools.