Skype Access Now Skype Wi-Fi, And Available For iOS Users

Mobile users in the iOS world can now use Skype to log into over 1 million Wi-Fi access points around the world, Skype announced Wednesday. The new application is a revamped version of Skype Access, and is now available in the App Store.

One of Skype’s lesser-known features was Skype Access, which let users access Wi-Fi hotspots normally guarded by per-hour or per-day fees on a per-minute basis using Skype credits. That feature is now an iOS application, and could make life easier for travelers hoping to avoid ridiculous data charges through overseas cellular connections.

Skype is working its way toward becoming part of Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT), but no one can afford to ignore the iOS market at this point. One of the interesting ramifications of the Microsoft deal, however, could be how closely Microsoft ties Skype’s services into Windows Phone 7.