GM to sell electric Cadillac

GM just announced the next car in its extended range electric lineup: the electric Cadillac ELR. Like GM’s Volt, GM’s Cadillac ELR will have a lithium ion battery to drive on electric power for much of the time, but when the battery gets low, the Cadillac will switch over to use the four-cylinder engine.

The Cadillac ELR is based on GM’s Cadillac Converj concept car, which was first introduced back in January 2009. Back then GM’s infamous vice chairman Bob Lutz, showed off the concept car with the description, “luxury can be electric.”

But since then, there had been reports that GM was never going to actual manufacture the Cadillac Converj beyond the concept stage. However, low and behold, on Wednesday, GM said the Converj will be an official production car.

GM says Cadillac will unveil another concept Cadillac car on Thursday of this week. GM didn’t give details on availability, launch date or price.

Image courtesy of GM.