Former Tremor CEO founds social TV startup for sports

Less than a year after stepping down as CEO of Tremor Media, executive chairman Jason Glickman is working on a new company. The appropriately named startup Connected Sports Ventures, while still in stealth, looks poised to change the way people watch sports, by connecting their social activity on second-screen devices with what’s happening on the big screen.

Glickman stepped down from the CEO role at online ad startup Tremor Media after the company merged with competitor ScanScout late last year. He handed the reins over to ScanScout CEO Bill Day, who handles day-to-day operations, while taking the executive chairman title. But Glickman has been working on Connected Sports since April, according to his LinkedIn profile(s lnkd).

We reached out to Glickman to find out more about the new startup, but he didn’t provide very much detail, except to say that the company will release product in beta by the end of the year. But here’s how the Connected Sports website explains what they’re up to:

“We build cutting edge applications for Connected TVs and second screen devices that turn watching live sports into an interactive experience. By combining real-time social and gaming functionality with the TV broadcast, we blur the line between watching and playing. Your living room will never be the same!”

We were also able to piece together some additional details about the company, based on publicly available information from around the web. For instance, joining Glickman at Connected Sports are co-founders Tim Walling, who previously worked as a software engineer for Brightcove; and Bertrand Navarrete, formerly VP of acquisitions and venture partner at Internet Capital Group.

Based on job postings at Startuply, Connected Sports currently has eight employees, split evenly between Princeton, N.J. and Cambridge, Mass. It’s currently looking for a lead UI designer, as well as JavaScript architects and engineers.

According to AngelList, Progress Ventures General Partner Nick MacShane is an investor in the startup. MacShane had previously invested in Tremor, as well as Mediamath and Media6degrees, among others.