The Dutch love their fiber (broadband)

The Netherlands, a country that wants to have 1 Gbps connections everywhere now has 269,000 fiber-based broadband subscribers. It’s pretty cool to see fiber grow so fast in a country which has been pushing the edge when it comes to broadband. The country has a total of 6.29 million broadband subscribers including 2.66 million who use cable broadband.

According to Akamai’s (s akam) State of the Internet report, the boom in fiber  helped the average connection speed register a 25 percent year-over-year gain during first quarter of 2011 to 7.5 Mbps. Peak speeds during the Q1 2011 were 22 Mbps, Akamai data shows. Like South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Sweden, I like to keep an eye on what the Dutch are doing when it comes to broadband.  via Telegeography