WP7 Wastes Little Time, Reaches Out To WebOS Developers, Gets Big Response

Faster than you can say “99 dollars”, it looks like more pieces are starting to get put into place in the fallout of the WebOS ecosystem post HP’s decision last week to axe its mobile device business. And it looks like this round goes to Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT). Its developer team has solicited contact from WebOS developers interested in the Microsoft platform, and it has apparently already had 1,050 responses since posting an offer of contact on Twitter last Friday.

Brandon Watson, who runs developer relations for the Windows Phone platform, has been sending out a form letter to interested developers, taking them through some of the basics of how to start developing apps on the Windows Phone platform. The letter was posted by the blog WinRumours. Among the items it notes are a list of local contacts in different countries, online resources, and information about how to obtain devices to test apps.

The note also notes that all developers have been logged into a CRM system so that Microsoft can follow up with each of them directly later.

The news follows another events from earlier today that point to how Microsoft is looking to gain on the back of other industry developments.

INQ has said that it would be considering the platform for future devices, departing from the Brew and Android platforms it has used in the past. And HTC is understood to be holding a special event here in London in the beginning of September dedicated to showing off the newest devices in its Windows Phone lineup — a break from recent HTC events that have focused on Android devices.