Infographic: Men Are From Android, Women Are From RIM

Not sure whether you should draw too many serious conclusions from the following bit of research, but it does reveal some significant divides between men and women when it comes to smartphones and how they get used for marketing and advertising. The bottom line? Men appear to be more responsive when it comes to mobile ads.

The infographic, from the mobile advertising company inneractive, notes that average click-through rates are significantly higher for men than for women, although neither is particularly high: 2.73 percent versus 1.65 percent.

The study also found that more men than women use Android devices 61 versus 39 percent, while RIM (NSDQ: RIMM) saw nearly the opposite split. Among Symbian and iPhones, the division was more equal.

Surprisingly, according to inneractive, men and women don’t share any top app categories in common. Women favor entertainment, social networking and puzzles; while men go first for sports, then gaming (first arcade, then cards and gambling).

Although women’s ad responsiveness is particularly low in social networking — no surprise there: they’re much more interested in interacting with their contacts — they actually showed the most likelihood of responding to ads in entertainment apps.

It’s not scientific research, but it can give some insight to mobile marketeers as to how to best target their users. In those cases where ads are getting particularly low rates — for example in social networking or gambling — a more creative approach might be needed.