Samsung: We’re not buying HP’s PC biz

Updated. So, that personal computer business that HP doesn’t want anymore? (s HPQ) The one with the largest market share in the world? Samsung isn’t interested either. On Samsung Electronics’ official blog Wednesday, the company attempted to put an end to rumors that it was considering taking over HP’s laptop and desktop unit:

The recent rumors that Samsung Electronics will be taking over Hewlett-Packard Co.’s personal computer business are not true.

We hope this clarifies any confusion that may have occurred.

Whether it’s because Korean companies like Samsung don’t often acquire foreign companies or a multitude of other possible reasons, this isn’t a huge surprise, as we wrote earlier this week. The entire PC industry is struggling, and there isn’t another major PC maker in a great position to take the laptop and desktop business off HP’s hands.

Update: On August 25, 2011, Samsung released the following statement from Geosung Choi, Vice Chairman and CEO of Samsung:

To put to rest any speculation on this issue, I would like to definitively state that Samsung Electronics will not acquire Hewlett-Packard’s PC Business.

Hewlett-Packard is the global leader in the PC business with sales of 40 million units last year, while Samsung is an emerging player in the category and sold about 10 million units in 2010. Based on the significant disparity in scale with Samsung’s own PC business and the complete lack of synergies, it would be both infeasible and imprudent to even consider such an acquisition.

Image courtesy of samsungtomorrow