Today in Green IT: Honing the right cleantech message

Honing the right message about the benefits of clean power is harder than it looks. That’s the theme for Today in Green IT — our daily look at what the curator of our research service, Adam Lesser, is thinking about, writing about and reading out there on the web.

It all started with an article published in the New York Times that said the greentech sector not only hasn’t added jobs, it’s actually lost jobs in Silicon Valley. Naturally, that story, which was about a Brookings Institution report, received a lot of criticism from cleantech advocates. As Adam pointed out, regardless of the report’s findings, there are still many reasons to support cleantech development and craft the right communication strategies to gain more support. He  also pointed to a post in Wired that gives some pointers on selling green economy ideas to voters.

Adam’s own favorite cleantech message has to do with the U.S. military. He wrote, “The army is a major investor in cleantech because it’s critical to keeping soldiers safe and maintaining national security. It’s a message that reaches a demographic that doesn’t already drive a Prius.”

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Image courtesy of the U.S. Navy