By 2015, smartphones will rule the mobile planet

Smartphones will represent around 54.5 percent of the mobile phone market by 2015, according to a study from research firm, IHS (formerly iSuppli.) They are forecasting global smartphone shipments of 1.03 billion in 2015 vs 478 million smartphones shipped in 2011. At present, smartphones have about  32.5 percent share of the market.

The big growth is obviously going to come from low end of the market, and that’s going to help companies like Samsung (which owns its own Bada OS) to become a larger player in the market. IHS notes that during the second quarter of 2011, Samsung’s smartphone sales grew 600 percent sequentially, thanks to its low-end products targeting China and Latin America. IDC, another research firm, estimates Samsung sold about 17 million smartphones during the second quarter of this year. It’s good to see that the rest of the folks are beginning to realize what we have been saying for nearly a year: The smartphone battle is between Apple and Samsung.