HP TouchPad owners get a free six-pack (of apps)

Say what you will about HP’s decision to can the TouchPad, but at least the company is trying to make things right for current webOS owners.┬áThe official HP (s hpq) Palm blog is serving up a free software six-pack to all TouchPad owners now through the end of the month.

The normal price for all six software titles is nearly $31.00, but HP is offering free promo codes for the following titles, shown with their standard purchase price:

  • Glimpse ($5)
  • Kung Fu Panda Storybook ($2.99)
  • Big Boss ($1.99)
  • Sparkle HD ($4.99)
  • Camera for TouchPad ($0.99)
  • Audubon Birds ($14.99)

The first app alone is worth the free promo, in my opinion, although there’s something for everyone in the list.

Glimpse is an excellent multitasking app with 16 standard “widgets” allowing you to perform multiple activities on a single desktop screen or card. You can browse unread stories using Read It Later while displaying the local weather and following Twitter all at the same time, for example. Here’s a video overview of the app.


I wouldn’t wait to take advantage of the offer, as HP says that “Promo codes are available for as long as inventories last.” In this digital age, inventory of software should never run out, but the developers may have limited the total amount of free versions.

HP’s blog post also says that once this six-pack runs dry, there will be another to quench thirsty TouchPads in early September. These apps should keep me and my TouchPad busy until then.