Video: Hands-on with Inkling 2.0, the iPad textbook

A screenshot from GigaOM's video demo of Inkling 2.0

This week, digital publishing startup Inkling debuted the 2.0 version of its software, which provides interactive, digital versions of college textbooks for the iPad.

The San Francisco-based startup is just down the street from GigaOM’s office, so I headed on over to Inkling headquarters on Thursday to get an in-person demo from the company’s Founder and CEO Matt MacInnis. In short: It’s so awesome it actually makes me want to buy college textbooks again, just to play with the app some more.

Inkling 2.0 has a bunch of new features, including an interactive social layer that allows users to form online study groups with other readers worldwide, as well as in-app links to outside sources such as Wikipedia and Google. (s GOOG) According to recent research, student demand for digital versions of required reading materials is at an all-time high, so Inkling 2.0 could prove to be quite popular at college campuses this coming fall.

Since Inkling’s product is so inherently visual, seeing it in action is the best way to understand what it is — so please check out the video of my interview with MacInnis and his demo here:


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