Sony Kisses Qriocity Branding Goodbye, Forms Sony Entertainment Network

Many consumers were never completely sure of the correct way to pronounce it, and it has had mixed success as a household name synonymous with cloud-based entertainment, so it comes as not too much of a surprise to hear that Sony (NYSE: SNE) has now dropped the Qriocity brand. Instead, it is taking the music and video services from Qriocity, combining them with the PlayStation Network for gaming, and putting them under a new brand name, the Sony Entertainment Network.

To be sure, the new name is not exactly streamlined and zippy, and sounds confusingly similar to one of Sony’s existing product divisions:

“Sony Network Entertainment introduces Sony Entertainment Network,” reads the Sony blog post describing the new platform.

Sony Entertainment Network will encompass Video on Demand powered by Qriocity, which will now be called simply Video Unlimited; and Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity, which will become Music Unlimited; and the PlayStation Network. The changes were detailed by Kaz Hirai, president of Sony Computer Entertainment, at the IFA show in Berlin, Germany, today.

While the rebranding could simplify the Sony’s cloud entertainment offerings to the market, it will also have the added bonus of taking away a name that became synonymous with the hacking scandal that hit Sony earlier this year, in which millions of accounts were compromised around the world and the network shut down for weeks, and which it says will result in a “signficant decrease” in sales this year.

The announcement coincided with Sony’s other big news today from IFA: the official unveiling of two new tablets — the company’s first foray into the market currently dominated by iPad.

In the publicity around those two tablets, Sony touted the many entertainment services it had in place that would link up with the new devices, including Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited — without mentioning the Qriocity brand.

In addition to being available on Sony’s tablets, Sony announced today that Music Unlimited will also start to be offered in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands and Belgium by the end of this year.