Samsung: We’re not buying webOS either

Not only does Samsung not want to buy HP’s (s hpq) PC business but it also wants nothing to do with buying webOS. Samsung’s CEO made that clear on Friday while talking with reporters at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin. Samsung’s name has come up repeatedly when tech pundits and analysts have discussed which companies could be interested in buying some of HP’s consumer assets.

According to Bloomberg:

The South Korean company will “never” pursue such a deal, Chief Executive Officer Choi Gee Sung said in Berlin, where he’s attending the IFA consumer electronics fair. The comment, made to reporters in response to questions about analysts’ speculation of a possible purchase, was confirmed by Nam Ki Yung, a spokesman for Samsung in Seoul.

“It’s not right that acquiring an operating system is becoming a fashion,” Choi said. Samsung, which has its own mobile operating system called Bada, is working to boost its software capability “harder than people outside think.”

In other words, Samsung is already having fantastic success with Android(s goog) and is also investing in making Bada a viable platform for developers, so webOS could just needlessly complicate things. Plus, what’s attractive about spending money on Palm’s old operating system — which HP bought, made hardware for and then promptly stopped making hardware for — when one of the world’s largest technology companies couldn’t even make a go of it? Still, Samsung has apparently at least considered using webOS in the past, according to Bloomberg. The outlet cites three sources who say Samsung “held talks to use webOS” in its phones.

Friday’s comments on webOS follow Choi’s statement last week that he “definitively” wanted to put rumors of Samsung’s buying HP’s PC business to rest. With regards to that earlier speculation, Choi said that “[b]ased on the significant disparity in scale with Samsung’s own PC business and the complete lack of synergies, it would be both infeasible and imprudent to even consider.”

Image courtesy of Flickr user Robert Scoble