Yahoos didn’t much care for Carol Bartz

Carol Bartz, the deposed Yahoo (s YHOO) chief executive wasn’t much of a hit with her employees and her approval rating has been sliding by the quarter, if you believe the data from employee ratings service, Glassdoor. In an email, a Glassdoor spokesperson shared the following stats:

According to hundreds of Yahoo employee reviews and ratings on Glassdoor, Yahoo employees give Bartz a cumulative 54% approval rating (46% disapproval), though perhaps more interesting – her approval rating has been on a pretty steady decline since Q4 of 2010 – this quarter she holds a 33% approval rating (67% disapproval). (See chart below for details.) [Also note that when former CEO Jerry Yang left office, he held a 43% approval rating (57% disapproval) among employees] For benchmarking, the average approval rating for CEOs on Glassdoor is 62% although some are significantly higher/lower (ie. Steve Jobs was 97% approval when he stepped down).