Here’s Something That Counts As Good News For Borders

Next Jump, the company that Borders sued for contacting Borders Rewards customers and redirecting them to its own site, has agreed to take to take down its website and stop contacting Borders customers.

Borders had hired Next Jump to operate the site. Last week, Next Jump began sending e-mails to Borders customers to inform them that Borders was partnering with, a Next Jump coupon site. Borders then took legal action. Yesterday Next Jump agreed to take down the site and to remove references to Borders trademarks on its own sites, Reuters (NYSE: TRI) reports. Borders will now attempt to claim damages.

Last week, Next Jump EVP Meghan Messenger told us, “We had an agreement with Borders management to move accounts to to allow Borders members continued access to their earned points. It is now in the courts and we feel we are in the right.”

Tomorrow is the last day for potential buyers to offer bids for Borders’ assets, including its trademark and customer lists.

Borders filed for bankruptcy in February and began its liquidation process in July, after failing to attract a buyer.