GetGlue Makes It Easier For Marketers To ‘Check In’ With Self-Serve Option

As the number of check-in services proliferate, GetGlue is trying to solidify relationships with networks as it tries to prove the value of its connections with users. The entertainment check-in provider’s latest effort is the beta launch of GetGlue Business, which is billed as a self-serve marketing dashboard that allows TV, movie and music companies to create more enticements for consumers — such as deals on merchandise.

Perhaps more importantly for GetGlue, the new set of tools will let entertainment companies chart the effectiveness of their marketing programs through the social media app, which claims 1.5 million users, 200 million “data points” and the ability to reach 80 million people daily through Facebook and Twitter. Among the initial networks who have signed on to GetGlue Business are USA Network, Discovery, Oxygen and HBO.

GetGlue’s attempt to make itself perceived as a more valuable resource for entertainment companies comes as the space is becoming more crowded. Last month, Foursquare, which helped popularize the whole “check-in” concept to begin with, began expanding its service to concerts, movies and ESPN (NYSE: DIS) Sports. In addition, Yahoo’s entertainment check-in service IntoNow struck a deal with Project Runway.

At a time when marketers and media companies are looking for ways to connect online and offline media habits, these services fill a gap that traditional audience measurement companies are trying to track. However, rather than trying to pinpoint exactly how many viewers a show or movie has, these services can serve as an update of a fan club for the social media era.

In addition to assessing fan devotion, GetGlue will also provide a clearer option for e-commerce. For example, HBO offers a 30 percent discount at its online store to anyone who checks-in to all 12 episodes of True Blood, which is concluding its current season this weekend.

Aside from testing the desire of consumers to share whatever it is they’re doing on Facebook and Twitter, the big concern looming over GetGlue and its rivals is what sort of plans Facebook and Twitter have in terms of checking in. But for the moment, media companies will be looking closely at whether these services, with all their reach, can ultimately produce meaningful data and incremental revenue.