Twitter Reaches New Milestone: 100 Million Users (More Than Half On Mobile)

Twitter has not been very forthcoming on user numbers, but today it gave a shower of stats and data to mark a milestone in its growth: 100 million monthly active users. It’s a measure, perhaps, of which social networks see each other as the key competition: the news comes just one day after numbers came out allegedly giving details about revenues at Facebook — $1.6 billion in the first half of 2011 — and a Twitter developer poked fun at how closely Facebook’s new mobile app for iOS resembled Twitter’s.

And to cap off the celebration, it looks like the company has also closed a huge funding round of $800 million, with $400 million from DST closed last month and the remaining $400 million closing today. Investors are understood to include Spark Capital and Union Square Ventures, according to Fortune.

Some of the other numbers that came out in today’s presentation in San Francisco led by Dick Costolo, a mix of meaningful data and some random trivia:

— 230 million tweets a day on average, a rise of 110 percent since January 2011. Five billion tweets/month.

— The 100 million active monthly users, which are based on people sending a Tweet in the last month, is an increase of 82 percent since January 2011. Comparing those percentages, that means people on average are tweeting more. The number is also growing faster than it was in 2010. Half of that 100 million figure are logging in daily.

— The U.S. is growing as fast as the rest of the world.

— Twitter thinks it will add 26 million active users in the next four months, as many as it did between 2006 and 2009.

— More than 55 percent of active users are accessing via mobile devices — underscoring how important that channel is for the company. The aim is to be on 2 billion devices — no target date set for that but that will involve more than just handsets and computers, most likely.

— There are more than 400 million monthly active unique visitors to, a growth of 70 percent from the beginning of the year. But there is also a sizeable number of passive users on the network (a possible segment that Twitter might market to in more specific ways in future?): more than 40 percent of active users have not tweeted in the last month (so they’re just logging on).

Who else is on Twitter?
— Every NFL team has a Twitter account; more than half of all players in the NFL tweet.
— Three-quarters of all NBA athletes.
— 82 percent of all congressmen; 85 percent of U.S. Senators
— 87 percent of the Billboard top-100 musicians of 2010.
— 93 percent of Food Network chefs.
— 100 percent of the top 50 shows as rated by Nielsen.
Who’s on Twitter in the UK?
— 35 out of 46 police forces
— 396 British Olympic hopefuls
— more than 40 percent of British MPs are on Twitter (via Tweetminster)
(Some of these numbers picked up by way of Tim)
Some areas where Twitter didn’t give numbers:
— How many users are taking non-Twitter clients such as Seesmic.
— Any indication of the amount of spam zinging over the network.
— How many inactive accounts there are on the network.