Mightybell: An app for achieving goals one step at a time

Former Ning CEO and co-founder Gina Bianchini has launched a new social application called Mightybell, which tries to help people create, achieve and share experiences using step-by-step actions. The application is available on the iPhone (s aapl) and on the web.

The idea of Mightybell is to break up a specific goal or action into smaller steps, allowing people to experience something new every day. Each Mightybell Experience includes multiple steps, which are defined by a creator and shared with friends, fans, and followers over social media. It can be anything from getting a job, completing a task, or preparing for a vacation. An early example is a travel guide for 10 “down and dirty” days in southeast Alaska.

Creators and users can track their progress using analytics that show how an experience is faring. Creators can see what users are doing, and users can measure their progress and record their actions. Bianchini said social users are craving more than just status updates and sharing; they want to achieve things in the real world and help others to do it, too.

“Mightybell seeks to offer creators, instigators, bloggers, organizers, operatives, entertainers, artists, teachers, guides, and everyone’s alpha friend a simple way to take new social technologies and turn them into compelling experiences for people in the real world,” Bianchini said. “We think the next innovation in social software will be its impact on daily life.”

Mightybell was founded last year after Bianchini left Ning and joined Andreessen Horowitz as an entrepreneur in residence. The company has raised a $2.1 million seed round late last year led by Floodgate and First Round Capital, with a handful of other angel investors participating.

The idea seems stem from the larger goal of using social and web tools to promote self-improvement. Twitter founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone’s Obvious Corp. recently backed a start-up called Lift, which tries to improve human potential through reinforcement. It’s a concept that’s certainly becoming more popular now, as familiar names turn their attention to this next opportunity in social software.