Gamestop Planning Android-Based Tablet With Controller For Mobile Gaming

We’re not so sure that people want to buy tablets from newspapers, but would they consider buying a tablet from video game retailer? Gamestop has decided to build an Android tablet that will feature the company’s brand and offer both gaming apps and streaming games on a device that will also come with a controller.

In an industry with, Gamestop’s Tony Bartel said the company has started testing an Android device that will be centered around video games. Games are easily one of the most popular types of applications for tablets, but a touchscreen is not necessarily the best tool for creating games as compelling as those designed for the PC or gaming console.

Bartel wants to ship a tablet that will come with games designed around a mobile controller, although he didn’t share any specific details in the interview. Gamestop is a prominent force in video game retailing with over 6,500 stores around the world, which would give it quite a platform to promote a special-interest tablet.

Personal video game players haven’t been selling as well over the last couple of years as more and more high-quality games have arrived for smartphones and the iPod Touch. People generally seem to prefer one device that does everything as opposed to niche devices, which is why it’s hard to understand why anyone would use a tablet newsreader developed by a media company (the Nook notwithstanding).

But there are always some gamers who are willing to spend more on a premium experience. An Android tablet with a dedicated controller and support from top-tier game studios could be an interesting bet.

Google’s John Lagerling, head of Android partnerships for the company, told mocoNews last week that several companies are planning to make high-end gaming tablet hardware based around a pending version of Android as the holiday season approaches.