Today in Social

Nielsen has released its report on the state of the social media industry in Q3, a snapshot of traffic data and some survey stats. Om points out the headline: Facebook soaks up more U.S. users’ time spent online in May than any other property by a pretty huge margin: more than three times as much as its nearest competitor, Yahoo. More time in fact, than Yahoo, Google (minus YouTube, I think), AOL and MSN combined. Nielsen calls out Tumblr as an emerging social player, based on its user growth. Other tidbits include: more women than men use video at social media sites, but men use more of it. And mobile phone users say they value mobile social media access more than web browsing or games (though less than GPS). Facebook is still a little mired in low-cost ad inventory, but the combination of a social media marketing ecosystem that’s getting stronger and its own efforts to expand into richer brand advertising should help remedy that. The report highlights are here, and you can download or view the presentation here.