HTC exec: The iPhone is your dad’s phone

Martin Fichter, the acting president of HTC Americas, got onstage on Monday at the Mobile Future Forward event in Seattle for a discussion about disruption in the mobile industry and a little old-fashioned trash talk. Fichter, who has already outlined how HTC is willing to be flexible in terms of how and what it offers in the mobile ecosystem, finished up by talking about his visit to bring his daughter to Reed College, in Portland, Ore., where her dorm mates carried HTC devices, Samsung products and Chinese phones, but “none of them has an iPhone.”

Always interested in opposition research, Fichter asked why these kids weren’t clutching the Apple (s aapl) phone (apparently Apple hasn’t totally lost the kids — MacBook Airs were hot). They told him that their parents carried iPhones and they didn’t want the gadgets their parents carried. “The iPhone wasn’t cool. I mean, would you want what your parents wanted?” he asked the audience. “I wouldn’t.”

There you have it. Straight from the mouth of an HTC executive who visited one college dorm and reported back on the responses from a few students he met. The iPhone: It’s your parents’ mobile phone. I’m hoping for equally exciting smackdowns at our Mobilize event at the end of this month in San Francisco.