@ pcAds: Social Media Is Growing, Becoming More Helpful

People are getting more social and more altruistic. That’s the simple part of the takeaway from Nielsen SVP of consumer insights and analytics Radha Subramanyam‘s presentation at paidContent Advertising. Here are some of the highlights on the ever-growing, ever-changing social landscape:

— The most active social media users are influential offline as well. They’re 26 percent more likely to voice their opinion on politics and current events, 30 percent more likely to give their opinion on TV shows and 5 percent more likely to go on a date.

— Females and 18-34 year olds are the most active social networkers. These active users are most often Asian or Pacific Islander, live in New England, have a bachelor’s degree and a household income of under $50,000 per year.

— Social networking and app usage is up 30 percent. 40 percent of mobile users actively use mobile for social interactions. After GPS, social media capability is the most valued function on a smartphone.

— Facebook is by far, the most popular social destination. Tumblr has also seen strong growth, nearly tripling in the past year alone.

— Social networkers want to help each other. 60 percent want to give product improvement recommendations. 64 percent want to customize products.

Lots more data, including on what social media is used for, in Subramanyam’s presentation:

Nielsen: The State Of Social Media 2011
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