Trendrr launches social media tools for TV networks

Trendrr launched a real-time dashboard for TV industry insiders just in time for the fall TV season Monday. The new site shows enterprise subscribers which shows attracted the most buzz on Twitter, Facebook, Getglue and Miso during various times of the day. Subscribers can also dive in deeper to explore who those tweeting Fringe fans actually are, compare the performance of various networks against each other and follow the real-time Twitter stream of users watching a show.

The new Trendrr tools also show how effective networks are in building up anticipation for an upcoming episode, and how long the buzz lasts once it aired. Other tidbits revealed include the top markets, top influencers and top hash tags.

Trendrr and its parent company Wiredset have been tracking how well TV shows fare in social media for quite some time, and the company claims to count half of the top 25 cable networks as its customers. Its most ambitious project so far has been the Weather Channel’s new social media initiative, which incorporates curated tweets into the network’s website and on-air programming.

Trendrr isn’t the only one putting the spotlight on social media for market intelligence. Competitor Bluefin Labs has been offering similar tools as part of its Bluefin Signals service, and Twitter itself has been busy promoting the use of hashtags on screen. Twitter’s media expert Robin Sloan called tweets about TV shows “the new campfire” during his talk at last year’s NewTeeVee Live conference. Check out the video of Sloan’s excellent talk below: