Sheen vs. Kutcher: Guess who was #winning?

Monday night, Twitter was abuzz with comments on both the first episode of Two and a Half Men with its new star Ashton Kutcher as well as Comedy Central’s (s VIA) Roast of Charlie Sheen.

Judging from early tweet counts, it looks like Sheen was #winning one more time: Social media monitoring company Visible Technologies counted more than twice as many tweets about the roast when compared to those about Two and a Half Men:

That result is even more impressive if you consider that Charlie Sheen himself was among those tweeting about his former TV show. But Comedy Central heavily promoted the social media angle of its roast, including the official hashtag #SheenRoast. And it looks like the network also had some help from Amy Schumar, whose appearance dominated the conversation on Twitter:

The drama around Sheen’s very public dismissal from the CBS (s CBS) show may be all but over now that Warner Bros. and the star are closing in on a settlement, but the tweet count from last night shows that Sheen still has a lot of clout with Twitter users. The actor utilized the service heavily to promote a number of unscripted live online shows in March, and and he now has close to five million followers on Twitter.

One could of course argue that the typical CBS viewer may be less tempted to tweet than his Comedy Central counterpart, but the network may see an overall social media bost from Kutcher being on the show as well: The actor currently has around 7.6 million Twitter followers.