Set sail with the pirates of Silicon Valley in October

In addition to successful companies, Silicon Valley is getting famous with the social networking events nowadays. Meet “the pirates of Silicon Valley cruise party’’ that has been hosted since 2009 by Peanut Labs. You may say, “What is ‘the pirates of Silicon Valley cruise party’?’’ or “Why should I attend this event?’’

This event is the most exclusive party thrown by a tech company in the Bay Area. The event takes place on a four-story yacht that sets sail for three hours around the Bay.

“The pirates of Silicon Valley cruise party” provides heavyweights of Silicon Valley for networking and socializing. “This event is also a big opportunity to share our upcoming products with Silicon Valley together with our sponsors,” says Noman Ali, the CEO of Peanut Labs.

This year Peanut Labs is honored to have GigaOM as Media Sponsor. Also for “the pirates of Silicon Valley cruise party” in October 2011, Peanut Labs has Vindicia, Ubisoft, Curse, GCA Savvian, 6Waves-Lolapps and PaymentOne on board as pirate cruise sponsors.

Peanut Labs strives to deliver a high level of entertainment that attendees have come to expect and deserve.