Twitter snaps up Julpan in another Big Data play

Julpan CEO Ori Allon

Twitter announced Wednesday it has acquired  Julpan, a New York City-based startup that analyzes real-time data collected from blogs, Tweets, status updates and news sources. Financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

The Julpan deal is just the latest in a series of moves Twitter has made in recent months to develop its in-house ability to analyze the huge amounts of data that flow through its service. Last month, Twitter announced that it now sees more than 200 million Tweets posted on a daily basis.

There is also an acqui-hire element to the Julpan acquisition. Julpan is headed up by Ori Allon, a computer scientist who developed a text search algorithm that Google acquired the rights to in 2006. In 2009, Google had incorporated the algorithm dubbed “Orion.” Allon left Google in 2010 to found Julpan and serve as its CEO. According to Julpan’s staff page, there are now 15 employees at the company.