BSkyB, Eurostar, BT Buy Twitter’s First UK Advertising

Twitter was due to roll out its first advertising for testing in the UK on Thursday, with more to come in the next few weeks, marking the network’s first ad sell outside the U.S..

“Today, we’re partnering with Sky to launch the first full advertising campaign entirely targeted to the UK, for the new season of Glee that debuts tonight on Sky,” Twitter UK GM Tony Wang writes.

“We’ll be rolling out and testing this new offering over the next several weeks with a select group of innovative partners, including Paramount, Eurostar, BT (NYSE: BT), and Electronic Arts, who want to reach a highly engaged UK audience through Twitter.

“With a local team now in place to support the demand that we’ve seen, we look forward to making our suite of Promoted Products available to a wider audience of UK marketers in the coming months.”

Sky is using all of Twitter’s advertising products – Promoted Trends, Promoted Tweets through @gleeonsky and #gleeonsky and Promoted Accounts – to advertise Glee.

Twitter opened a London HQ last year and now numbers seven sales people, Wang, a PR person, a couple working on partnerships and TweetDeck’s staff. Wang says Twitter has seen a 95 percent jump in active UK users since January 1.

It is interesting to note how, after the initial outlay to get the #gleeonsky hashtag visible, it is being carried further by Twitter users other than BSkyB…



Of course, you can’t control everything people will say using your hashtag…