Today in Green IT: A mobile app to run a data center

Florida based Tellago Studios has developed a platform that will allow data center managers to manage their data centers from a smartphone, points out GigaOM Pro Green IT analyst Adam Lesser. Adam wrote this week about how mobile is shaking up car sharing and home energy management, providing a new control system that enables other cleantech services.

But the ability to monitor real time energy consumption from a mobile phone would be a critical next step in the life of a data center engineer, enabling the engineer to make decisions on the fly about how best to optimize servers. Yet again we see that cleantech companies cannot ignore the value of smartphones in giving customers additional control over the services intended to reduce resource consumption.

Other news and ideas on Adam’s radar today:

  • head Andre Haddad as CEO: RelayRides, a peer to peer car sharing startup, has nabbed Andre Haddad as its new CEO.
  • Germany’s green drive subdues 2013 power prices: energy markets: While pricing for 2012 remains at a premium, Germany is seeing lower prices for 2013 when lots of new green energy comes online.
  • Data center systems run in exposed shed to prove reliability point: David Filas, an engineer at health care provider Trinity Health, has been running audacious experiments that expose servers, networking gear and storage equipment to the elements. He’s put his mini data center in a shed outside, with temperatures ranging from 31 degrees to 105 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity ranges from 8 to 83 percent. So far the center is holding up and proving Filas’s point–that the expense of cooling data centers may not be as needed as we think.