Dyyno’s over-the-top broadcasting by the numbers

It’s been a while since we caught up with Dyyno. The last time we covered the over-the-top broadcasting startup was about a year ago, not long after it had started building channels on Roku and launched an integration with Justin.tv. So how are things going since then? In short, pretty well.

Vamshi Sriperumbudur, Dyyno’s head of marketing, sent us the following infographic, highlighting how people are using the Dyyno Universal Broadcaster (dUb), which provides an easy way for anyone to quickly begin streaming live events. It’s signed up more than 250,000 registered users for its dUb product, with more than three-quarters of them broadcasting at least once.

While anyone can use the product, a number of professional broadcasters actually make money off it. That includes broadcasters that have tied dUb into Justin.tv’s TwitchTV to broadcast live video game streams. (27 percent of Dyyno broadcasters are streaming games.)

It also includes a growing number of broadcasters that use the platform to deliver live, branded video channels on Roku. Some examples include BoMTV, which offers more than 15 TV channels from South India; Flix Universe, which delivers classic Hollywood movies; and VajraTV, which is the Dalai Lama’s official over-the-top TV channel (and the #1 Spiritual channel on Roku). Using Dyyno’s platform, broadcasters can offer subscriptions on Roku, as a way to monetize their content.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user hegemonx.