Today in Cloud

A big problem with cloud backup is the initial upload of Gigabytes (or Terabytes) of data. Over the broadband connections used by consumers and small businesses, it’s a daunting prospect that probably takes days to accomplish. Increasingly, it also falls foul of the caps that broadband providers place on traffic using their network. Dealing with enterprise-scale data requirements, companies like Amazon have recognised this problem for a while and offer their customers an option to ship physical disks directly to a cloud data center. According to The Register, Australian cloud provider Ninefold is now offering their customers something similar, and Mozy has also just unveiled their own take on this solution for U.S.-based customers. Both are currently concerning themselves with smaller data volumes than Amazon (Mozy is targeting 100GB-8TB), but I still reckon there’s an opportunity for someone to come a bit further down the scale and deal (perhaps for a larger fee) with the tens of GB that fill the frequently unprotected computers of consumers and small businesses.