Updated: Apple Confirms October 4 iPhone Event On Its Cupertino Campus

The wait for all the Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) fans may finally be over: Apple has now started to send out invites for its event on October 4, where it is widely believed it will unveil its next iPhone.

As previously reported, the event will be held on Apple’s Cupertino campus, in a smaller venue than previous iPhone events.

It will be the first launch led by Tim Cook since he took up the role of CEO after Steve Jobs stepped down from the position in August.

Many believe that the event will finally be the moment that Apple will reveal its newest iPhone — or iPhones, depending on which source-close-to-the-situation that you choose the believe. Without reading too much into the invite, it’s worth noting that the text at the bottom of the four pictures, marking a date, time, place and the phone, is “Let’s Talk iPhone.” Singular. (Although, as Charles Arthur points out, Apple isn’t in the business of referring to the iPhone in the plural. Ever.)

Might there also be an emphasis on talk and maybe voice-control, too? Very possibly.

What else? Apple, perhaps more than any other company working in mobile, has been exemplary in how it streamlines not just its devices but the features that it chooses to really go to town on, and this launch could be one more step in that vein.

Reports have emerged that Apple has told retail employees that they cannot take time off in the second week of October — a sign of when the devices might get made available to the public.

The official invites, now being sent out, were first confirmed today by Loop Insight.