Mog’s International Plans Still Stalled After Nearly Two Years

Did we dream getting briefed by, in January 2010, about its UK launch plans?

More than a year and a half on, the unlimited music service is still AWOL on these shores.

That kind of delay earned Spotify scorn (but also built pent-up demand)

At the time, Mog, led by CEO David Hyman, raised $10 million from Menlo Ventures and Balderton Capital, supposedly part of the aim of which was its overseas launch.

In that time, Spotify has emerged out of the UK and on to Mog’s own U.S. home turf.

Last time we checked, in October, Mog told paidContent: “We do still have plans to launch in the UK, though we’re not yet discussing exact timing.”

This week Mog adds: “Mog most definitely has future plans of expanding beyond the U.S.” But no detail yet.’s product is a good one, and available through the web, not just a desktop app. Any eventual arrival for Mog would mean another subscription music service opening up on desktop, mobile and smart TVs.

Content distribution services have to consider target countries’ royalty rates on content when contemplating expansion out of their familiar U.S..

Service Availability Why


U.S. and Canada only

“We are focusing our efforts on building our business stateside, which is keeping us very busy. (Internationalising) is certainly something we are looking into.”


U.S. and Canada only

“We are looking at expanding in other areas as well, but no details to report on now.”


U.S. only

Quit international in 2008, citing prohibitive royalty rates.

U.S. and Canada only

UK launch, announced in January, has not materialised.


U.S. and Japan

Studios license TV shows separately domestically (for themselves) and internationally (to overseas broadcasters).


U.S. and Canada only

Currently planning expansion out of U.S. & Canada.

U.S. and Canada only

The well-liked accounting web app had an opportunity to own the global market, but still works only with domestic U.S. bank accounts.