paidContent Advertising Video: Flipboard’s McCue Wants To Paginate The Web

One of iPad’s flagship apps wants to help publishers sell ads by flipping back to familiar old print rules. “One of the big problems with the web is that it scrolls,” Flipboard CEO Mike McCue told our recent paidContent Advertising conference.

» Watch the video of McCue’s Q&A with paidContent UK Editor Robert Andrews, embedded below. Full coverage of the conference is available in our archives.

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“When something scrolls, you can’t put a full-page ad there,” McCue said. “We want to create a paginated experience. That allows for full-page, print-style ads.

“The web, as wonderful as it is, is not able to render content beautifully, the monetization model has been challenging, it’s not a good experience for readers. Print is flat; it doesn’t move – there’s a lot of good things about that.

“Don’t have infinite inventory,” McCue told advertisers in the audience. “There should be scarcity to the inventory. Sell to the people who are buying print ads from you.”