Apple is pretty cool, but Aston Martin is cooler

Aston Martin Vanquish

We admit; it's pretty cool.

Apple(s aapl) is almost the coolest brand in the world, according to the latest CoolBrands survey, but the top honor goes to fast cars. Aston Martin ranked as the coolest overall brand, as judged by the U.K.’s marketing and business community, as well as the general public. Apple is number two, and the highest ranking tech company on the list.

Apple beat out rivals BlackBerry(s rimm) (6) and Google(s goog) (7), as well as Sony’s PlayStation(s sne) (13) and Nintendo (16). It also beat plenty of other automotive brands with plenty of cultural cache, including Harley-Davidson (3), (s hog) Ferrari (8) and Maserati (20). Last year, Apple’s sub-brands were broken out and the iPhone came in second, again to Aston Martin.

The high ranking for BlackBerry kind of makes me suspicious of the whole thing, but I suppose outside the bubble of the tech community, RIM’s devices still carry a fair amount of cultural weight. The BlackBerry is still apparently theone smartphone among teens in the U.K., after all.

While coolness is far from a hard-and-fast metric, it must certainly factor into buying decisions. I’ve also speculated that it could be one of the primary factors driving Apple’s enterprise growth in recent years, so to receive this honor based on survey data from the business community and the general public is no small achievement for the Mac maker. I wonder if the soon-to-be-revealed iPhone 5 can help finally vault Apple past Aston Martin in next year’s rankings. Still, hard to beat what was once Bond’s car, no matter how thin or advanced your smartphone.

Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons