Sensu makes iPad painting more like the real thing

Enjoy “painting” on your iPad? It can produce some amazing results, but it doesn’t really feel like the real thing. That’s where Sensu comes in. It’s a new twist on the stylus that replicates real bristles using touch-screen compatible synthetic “hairs.” Using a cap that doubles as a handle extension, it also retains portability while avoiding feeling as stubby as most iPad (s aapl) drawing tools.

The Sensu will work with any app on the iPad (SketchBook Pro is a good candidate), and even when closed, the reverse end of the tool can be used as a normal, nub-ended stylus. Plus, the Sensu is also really good-looking, in either a chrome or limited edition gunmetal finish.

Sensu is a Kickstarter-backed project, but you won’t have to worry about whether or not it will ever become a reality. It has already exceeded its funding goal by about $12,500. Funding is still open, though, so you can pledge either $25 to get the basic chrome edition, or $75 to get the special gunmetal version. Retail price for the basic Sensu will start at an estimated $30-35, and pre-orders for Kickstarter backers ship sometime around January.

Kickstarter really is my go-to resource for cool new iOS device accessories, and the Sensu is a great example of why. Check out the prototype in action to see how well the Sensu mimics a traditional painting experience.