paidContent Advertising Video: Everson: No Facebook Mobile Ads For Now

Facebook has had a lot of scrutiny over how it uses information about you to market to you — something that has only been heightened the introduction of “frictionless” sharing launched at this year’s f8 developer conference. Well, get ready for more. Carolyn Everson, Facebook’s global VP of marketing solutions, said at our recent paidContent Advertising conference the company has only started to scratch the surface of what might come. The majority of pages on the site, for example, now feature some form of Facebook’s social advertising, but Everson says that this will likely go significantly further when more marketing formats get introduced.

» Watch the video of Everson’s Q&A with paidContent Editor Staci D. Kramer, embedded below. Full coverage of the conference is available in our archives.

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On mobile, where Facebook runs no advertising today: “We are holding ourselves to as high a standard as possible on mobile,” she said. “I don’t rule mobile out, but we are working hard to figure out what the right model is. We haven’t figured that out yet.”

Facebook takes advertising strategy cues from Mark Zuckerberg: “He wants ads to be as useful as the content consumed in your news feed.”

On growing partnerships with studios for premium video content (particularly relevant considering the content push announced at f8): “We can move the box office needle. We feel confident about what we can do on the studio side.”