Rondee offers both scheduled and on-demand conference calls

The conference call services industry seems both ever-changing and overloaded, with new entries into the market popping up often, offering different features and pricing options. One free service that has been around for several years now is Rondee. We last wrote about Rondee in 2008.

Here’s a look at what Rondee offers today. There’s one notable change from 2008: Users do have to sign up to use the service, but it is a quick and easy process. Just enter your email and wait for the confirmation email to access just the on-demand service (you can enter more information to get a full-featured account).

On Demand

For impromptu calls or calls that are scheduled through your company’s calendar, you can notify call participants directly and provide them with the Rondee call-in number. You can register multiple unique PIN codes and choose number combinations that are easy for you to remember. In addition, you can create and “assign” different PINs with unique attributes including whether or not you want the call to automatically record, if you want call statistics sent to you after the call and the sound effects you want to signify when people enter or exit the call (chime, chime and name announced, or no sound). So you can use different PINs for your virtual team, vendor calls or recording a podcast. You can even add a listen-only PIN code to a call to give to participants for a teleseminar style call.

After your call, you can go to your PIN dashboard to access call data and if you opted for recordings, the audio MP3 file that you can listen to and download.


Rondee can also schedule calls, emailing participants directly with the call-in information. As part of this feature, Rondee offers attendance tracking and agenda archiving, so the system can keep tabs for you on who was really on that call. You can set up recurring calls for weekly team calls or a regularly scheduled training session. You can also enable recording, allow participants to invite others to the call and decide whether or not to get call stats emailed to you.

Participants get an email invitation with a link to a landing page on the Rondee site. On that page they can also see the call details, a call agenda they can edit, a drop down menu where they can confirm their participation, and a place to add comments.


The premium service offers two key benefits beyond the free service. Rather than the free Rondee’s California phone numbers for the call, premium users get a toll-free number. Rondee charges 5 cents per minute. Premium users also get text transcripts of their calls, which are 97 percent accurate and are delivered within two or three days. Rondee charges $1 per minute for transcription, with a minimum charge of $20.

If you’re looking for a straightforward and easy free conference call solution with both the on-demand and scheduling features, Rondee is still in the running as a viable and useful solution.

How are you handling your conference calls? Pros and cons?