The Latest From TechCrunch (You Cannot Make This Stuff Up)

Well, you could if you’re the Daily Mail but barring that, who would make up a post about a tech writer who leaves to become general partner in a VC fund but will become a columnist dedicated to writing about one of the highest profile companies out there?

Without going into all the plot points, that’s exactly what’s happening in this episode of As TechCrunch Turns. MG Siegler, one of the writers who went public with their threats and angst over Michael Arrington’s status, and an admitted star in the TC constellation, is leaving, sort of, to be a general partner in the $20 million CrunchFund.

Arrington’s CrunchFund raise, which included $10 million from TC owner AOL (NYSE: AOL) and $10 million from investors TC covers, set off the chain events that led to him leaving AOL and TC; public drama with AOL CEO Tim Armstrong and Arianna Huffington; columnist Paul Carr quitting and getting an investment from Tony Hsieh for a Las Vegas startup; Arrington writing as an “unpaid” blogger (with that $20 million fund) at his new Uncrunched; and so on.

Turns out, according to TC’s Erick Schonfeld, Siegler has spent the last few months not only warding off other media outlets, but being wooed by VCs. The solution: Siegler (aka @parislemon) will work at TC for another month, then join Arrington as a VC and continue after that as an outside columnist:

The scope of what he will write about will be very narrow: Apple (NSDQ: AAPL). He won’t write about startups or venture capital. And just like he has always done, he will continue to follow our editorial standards, which require strict disclosures for any kind of conflict whatsoever-financial, business, or personal.

It’s part of a change that will bring more columnists to TechCrunch, according to Schonfeld. With the loss of Arrington (amplified by his new competition with TC), Carr and Siegler leaving and Sarah Lacey on maternity leave, it makes sense that he would want to add more strong voices. He also promises to add more full-time writers (I almost wrote “journalists” but maybe he used writers on purpose given the potential heavy meaning of the J word).

I can’t wait to see who gets the AOL beat.

Update: Siegler, who already has changed his Twitter bio to “partner at CrunchFund, columnist at TechCrunch, has his say on his personal blog.

Then there was the not-so-inside joke of being able to reach Arrington’s Uncrunched through an obscene url aimed directly at Huffington, functional last night but broken now.