Target starts selling Roku boxes

Roku will sell its media streaming devices at Target (s TGT) stores nationwide, the company announced on its blog Monday. The partnership is a significant win for Roku, which started to sell at Best Buy (s BBY) stores this spring and also found its way onto Walmart (s WMT) shelves this summer.

Target will sell both the Roku 2 XS, list priced at $79.99, as well as the Roku 2XD, which costs $99.99. Customers won’t be able to buy the Roku 2 HD at the retail outlet because Roku itself sells it through its website for $59.99.

Roku initially only sold its devices through its website as well as other online retailers, but was nonetheless able to move more than a million boxes by the end of last year.

The company wants to sell an additional 2 million units this year. It recently revamped its hardware to add casual gaming, including the popular Angry Birds game. It also recently sealed a deal with When I asked about the implications of that deal, Roku’s Roku’s VP of business development Jim Funk said that part of the incentive for that partnership was the chance to put Disney’s logo on its boxes – something that could help to convince Target shoppers to buy.

Image courtesy of Flickr user kevin dooley.