Apple unveils white iPod touch, tweaked iPod nano

Apple Event 10/4 51Apple (s aapl) on Tuesday announced some slight changes to two of its iPod models, the iPod touch and the iPod nano, in addition to the new iPhone 4S. The iPod shuffle remains exactly the same (including the price), as does the iPod classic.

The new iPod touch retains the same case as the old one, but now there’s a white option, like on the iPhone. The price of the base 8 GB model has been lowered to $199, down from $229. The prices of the other models remain the same at $299 and $399 for 32 GB and 64 GB, respectively. Of note is the lack of a 128 GB model.

The new iPod nano features a slightly tweaked interface; instead of a 4×4 grid of icons, it’s now just one row, making it easier to navigate. In addition, there are 16 new clock faces, capitalizing on the “nano as a watch” trend. The new faces include a digital design, as well as Mickey and Minnie Mouse designs (it’s worth pointing out that Steve Jobs holds the biggest single share of stock in Disney(s dis). There are also new fitness functions for the nano, too.

The price of the nano has also been lowered. The new prices are $129 and $149 for 8 GB and 16 GB models respectively, down from $149 and $179. Do new prices and features make this an attractive prospect for any of you?