Infographic: These fall TV pilots rule Facebook & Twitter

Fall TV season is in full swing, and viewers are using Twitter and Facebook more than ever to chime in on their favorite shows. Which of the new pilots got the most traction on social networks? We asked the folks over at to find out, and they produced this neat little infographic for us:

Note: The data aggregates tweets, public Facebook posts and check-ins from GetGlue and Miso.

Today, word came out that NBC is cancelling The Playboy Club, (s cmcsa) (s ge) which makes you wonder how the other shows with less than enthusiastic levels of social feedback will fare in the weeks to come. Of course, social feedback doesn’t always translate to ratings, as different target audiences use social media differently, but it’s nonetheless an interesting indicator.

Watch this space for a follow-up, and in the mean time, feel free to sound off in the comments: Which shows have done really well in your social networks, and which ones have tanked?