Cord Cutters: A first look at the WD TV with Spotify

We already liked the WD TV Live Plus, so we were excited to hear that WD added a new UI, WiFi and Spotify for the next iteration of the device, now simply called WD TV. Take a first look in this video:


Show notes for this episode:

  • The WD TV is being sold for a suggested retail price of $99.99. Check out more information about the device on the WD website.
  • You have to be a subscriber to Spotify’s premium service to access the music service on the WD TV, which costs you $9.99 per month.
  • Spotify will also be available on the WD TV Live Hub, which comes with an integrated 1TB hard drive, but not on the previous-generation WD TV Live Plus.
  • Spotify has so far in the U.S. only been available on mobile devices as well as a few connected audio players. For a list of all supported living room devices, check this page.

Will access to Spotify make you buy a WD TV? Or are you going to wait until the service arrives on the connected device of your choice? Let us know in the comments, get in touch with us on Twitter (@cordcutters) or Facebook or email us at cordcutters @