The secret sauce for relevant online video advertising

Today brands have thousands of new channels to choose from as they direct TV dollars to online video – a billion dollar market that has proven its effectiveness in reinforcing brand awareness.

Advertisers understand that campaign efficacy hinges on relevance — the alignment of the advertiser’s needs with the audience reached and the context provided by the publisher. Relevance in online video advertising means showing the right ad to the right person, in the right context, on the right screen.

One of the most critical elements of relevance lies in the hands of publishers: enabling advertisers to deliver ads into video streams that match their criteria for audience targeting, page content, video content and brand safety. The good news is publishers have been doing this work already by tagging and categorizing their video for SEO.

As online video publishers catch up with the relevance requirements of brand advertisers, the full promise of the online video channel can finally be fulfilled. Online video has always benefitted from the advantages of online advertising’s wealth of data, which includes demographics, ad viewing history, preferences and channel interests for specific viewers. By making video stream content transparent for targeting purposes, publishers add rich layers of consumer information to work and deliver a level of relevance for online video impressions that no traditional TV spot could ever match.

So keep on tagging and categorizing your video content. It’s worth it for SEO alone—but the ad revenue it unlocks makes it all the more worthwhile.