Good Technology gives enterprise apps a secure launchpad

Good Technology has already enabled companies to extend security and management to a fleet of mobile devices that consumers are bringing to their IT managers. However, the underlying structure has worked primarily with some basic applications such as email, contacts and calendar.

Now, the company is looking to extend its technology to independent software developers, corporate customers and systems integrators, allowing them to build apps that can ride on Good Technology’s secure platform. The new product, called Good Dynamics, will allow developers to create and manage secure mobile apps using Good’s infrastructure, which acts as a container around the application and all of its data. That should enable companies that have been itching to create their own in-house apps or software developers looking to sell apps to corporations to move ahead with apps that will meet tough security standards, which is important for many business customers.

Nicko van Someren, CTO of Good Technology, told me in an interview that many enterprise customers have worked up apps in-house but they can’t deploy them because they haven’t passed the necessary security requirements. He said with Good Dynamics, enterprise customers can move ahead with those apps while leaving the task of encryption, authentication and connectivity to Good.

“It’s not just about encryption, transport and security, it’s a holistic solution to manage these apps,” van Someren said. “In regulated industries, you need to be seen as keeping data secure.”

Developers can plug Good Dynamics’ code libraries into their apps to secure their data and get access to it. Good Technology maintains the Network Operating Center infrastructure and, in the event of a security breach, customers can kill the Good Dynamics-enabled app without affecting any personal data on the device. Good has already been testing Good Dynamics with a number of software makers and clients, including Aji, Accellion, Box, GroupLogic, MeLLmo, Pyxis Mobile, Quickoffice and Unisys (s uis).

Good Technology will offer Good Dynamics alongside its Good for Enterprise, Good forGovernment, and Good for OEM/Carriers products. It should be available for customers next month.

Good Dynamics is a logical next step for Good Technology. The company can try to create apps itself for enterprise customers but it makes more sense to extend its platform to a host of apps already waiting for more security. In this app-addicted world, Good’s in a strong place to capitalize off the habits of companies and end-users.